REDZod is a unique and dynamic company which provides highest quality sports products & services . REDZod sets itself apart from its competitors by keeping ethical manufacturing of goods at the core of its trading practices and we pride ourselves in ensuring that all our goods are produced by suppliers who provide safe and fair working environments.
In addition, REDZod is acutely aware of its impact on the environment. We uphold environmentally friendly practices through all aspects of the company and remain conscious of the impact of such practices by producing goods which have a low impact on the environment.
REDZod is distinct in that we are able to maintain our ethical and environmental conscience whilst also producing sporting goods of the highest standard. We do not compromise on quality.
We also believe in giving back to the community and as such REDZod aim to work closely with local schools and colleges to create sports awareness, with a view to promoting healthy and sporting lifestyles for students.
REDZod is not only a brand. Our goal is to be a sustainable business which balances ethical practices with the production of high quality sporting goods and promotes healthy, active lifestyles for future generations.
As a new and upcoming company we are looking for forward thinking people to join our company. We welcome investors, promoters and volunteers alike.
If you like what you hear about REDZod, we want to hear from you!

For inquires & details please contact

Nohman Amir
+1 571-402-2647

Asim Zafar
+1 202-255-0336

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